Interdependent feelings of dependency
I lose, and forget
I’m trouble, haunting
This does not concern the status quo
Nor the discouraging gasps of recognition
that the Left offers 

Nothing completes anymore
"gay no ta parti di nos kultura”
I’ll never forget the erasure by my own island
When you can’t blame
it sticks on your epidermal schema
We realize very early that sometimes
there is no one to blame
Thick layers
However, They don’t 

Wisp me away, alongside loved ones
There is no more patience  
this vacillation between exhaustion and threat
Is pulling at our longs
Asphyxiation induced blurriness
Distraught reality
Correctional institutions that create distraught realities that blurs our vision and asphyxiate us slowly

Border control has never been about safety
It is about control and borders
It is about me peeing in a cup
Because they cannot apprehendme
my body, expression and being

         arrest (someone) for a crime.
         understand or perceive.
or archaic meaning, or old-fashioned definition
         anticipate (something) with uneasiness or fear.

They think I do not understand French

Some things can never be the same
France hates black folx
England hates black folx
Dutch hates black folx, except ‘zwarte piet’
Dokkum loves black pete
Roadblocks on highways
Police bike lynching our kids
while we “doe normaal”

I glare at Yarl’s Wood
I only see walls, 
silhouette of hand prints on small windows
Some are waving bras as a form of recognition
of dehumanization in detention centers
while others are fighting for the freedom of nipples
who are we empowering?

Google search definition: Glare
Stare in an angry or fierce way.
          stare angrily
give someone a black look
look threateningly/menacingly
I am ‘Glaring’

 This fabrication in everyday meaning
Weaved into definitions of our existence
          the fact or state of living or having objective reality.
          continued survival.
Thus resistance
 has nothing to do with objectivity nor reality
Instead it is surfaced with
identity, positionality
structured by
privilege or the lack of, pain and consciousness
and sustained with
solidarity, accountability, creativity and love

Existence/Survival has nothing to do with objectivity nor reality
because if so,
Objectively I really wouldn’t have been here


Stacy Alves is a 21 year old black queer activist and poet from Curaçao. "My Poems are a reflection of my activism and daily experiences and social justice mostly regarding capitalism, inequality, queer and minority struggles. It’s where I articulate and express myself on “what it means to be black and queer”. This ranges from hostility of the outside world to inner battles e.g. anxiety and depression. What I try to do with my poetry is to go beyond myself by depicting and intertwining my own experiences, questions and knowledge with that of others."